Crime Prevention

The following tips help prevent and discourage burglary.

Crime Prevention is a culmination of efforts between the Kaufman County Sheriffs Office and the citizens of Kaufman County. The Kaufman County Sheriffs Office is dedicated to serving the citizens of Kaufman County.

The reporting of burglaries, auto theft, vehicle prowling, and vandalism are Kaufman County’s most prevalent crimes. These crimes are the easiest to commit because of opportunity and time. These types of crimes can also be difficult to solve.

With a Crime Watch Program we can greatly reduce the number of crimes committed in our county. Crime Watch communities have proven to be an effective deterrent in criminal activity. Crime Watch communities let the criminals know that they are being watched and will be reported to law enforcement.

The Kaufman County Sheriffs Office can provide information and training on how to start a Crime Watch Program in your neighborhood.

We are proud to serve the community in which we live in. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance in which weI can provide for making Kaufman County safer for all of us.

  • Lock all doors and windows: Invest in good locks. Deadbolt locks with long bolts that terminate in a good, solid door frame makes breaking down a door a chore. Also invest in good, solid core doors.

  • Keep shrubs trimmed back: If windows are visible, it is easier for neighbors or police to spot a broken window. Consider “thorny” shrubs, as they can be deterrents, as it can be painful to access windows over them.

  • Keep your garage door closed at all times: Not only does this prevent items from being stolen, it also takes away another sign that you’re home or away.

  • Store vehicles in your garage: Vehicles in garages make it harder for crooks to determine if you are away and prevents them from burglarizing your vehicle.

  • Get to know your neighbors: Knowing your neighbors is a great crime deterrent. Extra sets of eyes keeping watch on your property, reporting suspicious activity, and helping keep you safe. Be sure to return the favor and keep an eye on their home too.

  • Consider an alarm system: Most insurance companies offer discounts for alarms, and some system also monitor fire.
  • Watch what you throw out in the trash: If you’ve purchased a new TV, computer, or other expensive item, consider another way to dispose of the box. Will the store dispose of it in their trash? Can you cut it up to put inside garbage bags?

  • Use light timers when you are gone for long period: Light timers give the appearance of being lived in. Leave a radio or TV on at a conversational volume level. Have a neighbor pick up your paper and mail and accept packages. Have a neighbor remove door hangers and other advertisements that pile up at your door.

  • Consider a safety deposit box for jewelry: This can be especially useful for expensive jewelry or jewelry that you do not wear often.

  • Join or form a crime watch group: Getting to know a lot of your neighbors, and inviting the police to your meetings are powerful tools in your arsenal against crime.

  • Turn on exterior lights after dark: Use the same schedule for lighting when you are away that you do when you are at home. Consider timers for exterior lights.

  • Think like a burglar: Ask yourself, “What would a burglar find when he looks at my house that would be inviting?” Remember that you are an important partner in the fight against crime.
  • Windmill Farms Crime Watch

    Leader: Jason Kaup

    Meet: To be announced